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over 11 years
match.com for jobs
just an idea

over 11 years
O'Reilly Open Government
book notes

almost 12 years
Neighborly, by e-Democracy.org
civic edemocracy hyperlocal neighborly opengov participation

almost 12 years
Copying MySQL Data and/or Databases between machines
commands data mysql

about 12 years
OOP data

about 12 years
Sunlight and Thunderstorms
dc futureoutlook opengov sunlightfoundation

about 12 years
programming github

over 12 years
Modular Architecture
architecture design

over 12 years
administration incorporation nonprofit

over 12 years
from Apathy to Action
civic county dialogue housing solano

over 12 years
Public Information means "Online"
data nonprofit opengov project transparency

over 12 years
Cleaning up Code: Removing Unnecessary Rails Helpers
programming ruby notes

over 12 years
Removing unnecessary Rails Helpers
ruby rails

over 12 years
Ruby Notes
ruby notes

over 12 years
My Own Workflow (Automating Screenshots)
screenshots workflow

over 12 years
Moving to an IDE

over 12 years
civic nonprofit startup

over 12 years
Ruby PDF Writer
ruby visualization pdf work

over 12 years
Student Lottery "App"
software ajax ruby

over 12 years
Google Apps & Ruby/Rails
api google ruby integration

almost 13 years
Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church
webdesign client website church

almost 13 years
Sketching-up a Desk
design desk furniture sketchup

about 13 years
Visualizing Enrollment Data
visualization data

almost 14 years
philosophy notes

over 14 years
Teaching Methods
teaching knowledge

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