What might framework to track popular data related to government and the public sector look like?

What constitutes the Public Sector?

  • Public Agencies
  • Governing Bodies & Elected Officials
  • Members of those bodies (Positions)
  • People

Public data

  • Budgets
  • Contracts and Purchasing
  • Public Projects
  • Tax Revenues
  • Parcel/Assessor records
  • Employment Figures
  • Email
  • Websites
  • - any data that goes into or out of any system


  • Public Services
  • Water
  • Waste/Garbage Services
  • Electricity Power Services
  • School/Education
  • Environmental Services
  • Jails
  • Roads
  • Health, Mental Health
  • Welfare
  • and more...
  • Consider writing a Govstats grant proposal
  • Who would fund this?
  • Is a viable business model

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