From Screen Designs to a Working Website

  1. Content Inventory
  2. Concept Model
  3. Use Cases & User Workflows
  4. Sitemap
  5. Mockups
  6. Screen Designs .psd files .ai files representing the look (images and stylesheets), the feel, the content (data, dynamic, and static), and screen interaction to...
  7. Working, tested Software host app (controllers, models, views, tests, gems) database (datastore, tables, and models) public (stylesheets, javascripts, and miscellaneous files and data)

About Afomi

Afomi is the digital sandbox of Ryan Wold, who is always evolving this to better share inspirations and aspirations.

About Ryan

Ryan is a systems-thinking Product Developer and Designer who practices agile, test-driven, and lean continuous software delivery, while solving problems with people.