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2 months
What's does the most transparent city look like?
transparency city

4 months
State, as a first level derivative
cqrs event sourcing video

4 months
Personal preferences
user-centered design bitcoin preferences profile interaction

7 months
nfts ethereum generativeart

8 months
Pixel Palettes BSV
color design nfts bitcoin bsv relayx generative

8 months
Research on governance
civic research

8 months
Assessing a software product portfolio
product management software portfolio measurement

12 months
fgieger's youtube channel
bitcoin video

over 1 year
Toward Strongly-typed Organizational Ontologies
ontology product management strategy vocabulary

over 1 year
Integrated Value Model Poster at IAC 21
visualization ivm strategy mapping

over 1 year
Upgrading BitcoinSV Node 1.06 to 1.0.7.beta
docker bitcoin bitcoind

over 2 years
Category Theory

almost 3 years
Systemic Dependencies for Public Service
government visualization d3

almost 3 years
A Unified Interface to Government
public ux

almost 3 years
Knowledge Work
gtd work

almost 3 years
Spacemouse Tinkercad
3d web design

almost 3 years
Saving and Loading .json in Three.js
threejs json

almost 3 years
Ideas are seeds. A startup is a garden.
ideas startup process

almost 3 years
MVC (Model View Controller)
MVC design patterns

over 3 years
Slack Introduction

over 3 years
Notes on Service Mapping
cx servicedesign maps

over 3 years
Funding for Sustainability (Video)

over 3 years
Scripting Blender
3d blender python

over 3 years
Cloudshift - as Businesses move to the Cloud
notes cloud

over 3 years
Reminders, when writing

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