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24 days
A Unified Interface to Government
public ux

24 days
Systemic Dependencies for Public Service
government visualization d3

about 2 months
Spacemouse Tinkercad
3d web design

about 2 months
Knowledge Work
gtd work

2 months
Saving and Loading .json in Three.js
threejs json

4 months
Ideas are seeds. A startup is a garden.
ideas startup process

4 months
MVC (Model View Controller)
MVC design patterns

10 months
Slack Introduction

11 months
Notes on Service Mapping
cx servicedesign maps

12 months
Funding for Sustainability (Video)

12 months
Scripting Blender
3d blender python

about 1 year
Cloudshift - as Businesses move to the Cloud
notes cloud

about 1 year
Reminders, when writing

over 1 year
Configuring a Mac

over 1 year
Use Helium.js to identify Unused CSS
programming tools css javascript

almost 2 years
Crafting Evolutionary Architecture
design change agile

about 2 years
When using Rails, ensure uniqueness at the data-store level
rails postgresql

about 2 years
Blockchain Reactions
blockchain notes links

about 2 years

over 2 years
How I use Trello
trello tools tips

over 2 years
Navigating Current to Desired State
notes templates

over 2 years
Running a post-mortem

over 2 years
Social complexity + Technical complexity

over 2 years
Squeezing the tube of toothpaste. But for knowledge work.

over 2 years
The Fullest-stack

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