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Auto Screenshot

a Ruby .gem to capture web screenshots from a list of URL's


I once heard, "You are what you read." I figured it may be worthwhile to keep ...


Based on a website I saw about navy seal breathing technique.


Like a blog, because its a log, on the web, but more like my digital sketchbook.


Phone-snapped Images. No filters. a collection of images. i like to take pictures on my pho...


Exploring a unified citizen interface to government. There are more than 38,000 Jurisdictions ...

Kindle Highlights

For a long time after the Kindle was released, I continued to read paper books only. I enjoy mak...

Loan Calculator

I grew up with parents who instilled the value of real estate to me. Unfortunately, I purchased ...


modular Architecture, built atop OpenStructure open-source modular housing

Parsing CSS

### Overview playing with parsed CSS - projecting ui based on it, in order to quickly assess a...

Real-time Bus Schedules

playing with SF Muni's API - building custom displays, based on location

Serial Limited

Designing shirts for limited-run productions via TeeSpring.

Student Enrollment Visualization

Visualizing Student Records to Address Data Integrity In 2008, I was tasked with taking over the ...

Student Lottery

The resulting process consisted of an export from PowerSchool, the Student Information System. T...


An excuse to play with tone.js


Winnow is a Google Chrome Extension that makes it easier to move tabs between windows and manage ...

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